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What is Registered Agent ?

We provide Registered Agent Service to solve your receiving and forwarding SOP issues.

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What We Offer You

Our Registered Agent Service begins once your business entity is legally active. If you’re setting up your company through Bizncorp, our Registered Agent Service begins from your business formation date. Each year, we renew the service automatically; all billings are proceeded to your card for an annual service fee $149. You’re allowed to cancel the service anytime by notifying us of the change in appropriate time.

Clarifying What Registered Agents Do

Registered Agents accept legal mail and files on your LLC or Corporation's behalf, to secure your business from being sued, or in case of being sued.

Our Exclusive Rates

Bizncorp Registered Agent Service fee is constant after the first year. Your renewal rates will stay at $199 per year. We guarantee this rate to you for the entirety of our service! Each time the service is near renewal, you’ll be notified and are free to review whether the renewal service is valid to your business’ interests!


We at Bizncorp don’t believe in charging additional fees for delivering your company its important documents by post!

No More Junk Mail

Companies are often troubled with junk mail pertaining to distribution lists being acquired by companies to send solicitation mail. Our Registered Agent Service ensures you don’t have to deal with it, as our Agents happily filter the mail you receive!

Registered Agent Services

Why Choose BiznCorp as Your Registered Agent?

In addition to managing the specifics of paperwork so you can concentrate on running your business, a reputable Registered Agent service may assist you in responding quickly in the case of a lawsuit, avoiding missed deadlines, fines and penalties for non-compliance, and other areas. By having a Registered Agent watch out for you, you may position yourself for success.

Registered Agent


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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Do I need a Registered Agent?

    Yes, Every State require Companies to have Registered Agents.

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  • Can I change my Registered Agent?
  • If I receive court documents, can I speak to an attorney?
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