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What is Certificate of Good Standing ?

A Certificate Of Good Standing, also known as Certificate Of Existence, Certificate Of Authorization, and Certificate Of Status, is the official document issued to you via your secretary of the state office to validate and verify your business is compliant within the state of incorporation and hence referred to as Good Standing. Like any other officially authorized document such as driver licenses or Identification cards, this document is proof of your LLC or Incorporation being officially registered and authorized by the state to operate.

  • Why Do I Need Certificate of Good Standing?
  • How Can I Get Certificate of Good Standing?
  • What Happens if My Business Entity is Not Under Good Standing?

Why Do I Need Certificate of Good Standing?

The most common reason for needing a Certificate of Good Standing is to take a loan or renew your business license or filing business taxes. Apart from these common things, under other certain situations, you will need your Certificate as an official documented proof that your LLC or Corporation is approved by state laws. Those other reasons include Foreign Qualifications, dealing with investors etc. or maybe looking to sell your company.

Is Certificate of Good Standing Necessary?

This Certificate helps you prove that you are running a law-abiding business and are a law-abiding owner enhancing your trustworthiness and credibility in front of potential buyers and investors. It is considered necessary and beneficial in keeping up a good reputation and for future expansions.

How Can I Get Certificate of Good Standing?

Once you've formed your LLC or Incorporation, you'll need to keep your business up to date in filing all necessary paperwork including the Annual Reports, Biennial fees paid to the state, and other taxes. Once you have all these necessities in order, you can file Certificate of Good Standing under the appropriate form, or an easier method is having Bizncorp do it for you! Contact our customer support to have our professionals handle the paperwork for you.

How Long is Certificate of Good Standing Valid?

Under most common circumstances, Certificate of Good Standing are valid according to the determined time period identified by the organization that requests for it. However, the requesting organization will require for the document to be less than 30 days old.

What Happens if My Business Entity is not Under Good Standing?

The process of reinstatement is conducted if an entity's certificate is not in Good Standing. Bizncorp will contact you and provide details of the LLC or Corporation in terms of its status and provide assistance in bringing the entity back to Good Standing.

Help File My Certificate of Good Standing

Spend less time. The paperwork will be taken care of by us.

The business entity must be registered as a legal entity with the secretary of state in order to get a Good Standing Certificate. It also cannot be in violation of corporate regulations, suspended, or revoked by the state.

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