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Cancellation Policy


A person visiting this website (defined below), active Client (defined below) or Prospective Client is subject to this Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Service, as dictated henceforth below.


We welcome you to BiznCorp (“BiznCorp,” the “Company,” “us,” “we,” and “our”). Formally, we declare ourselves as BiznCorp.com LLC. Our services (“Services”) are available online, inclusive o our website [enter web page html] or any other websites owned by BiznCorp (collectively the “Website”). This also includes forms of communication regarding use of other platforms such as emails. Providing information through the BiznCorp Website also constitutes as part of the Services.

In respect to referring to our past, present/current or prospective customers, we use the terms “Client,” “User,” “You,” “Your,” “Visitor,” or “Customer” of our Services, including any visitors to the Website. These above-mentioned Terms are applicable to each and every Customer. There is no fees for the Customers in regards to use of Services, unless stated explicitly in these Terms or in other communicative notices from BiznCorp to Clients such as the information available on the Website.

These Terms govern your access of usage and to our Services. In accessing or making use of our Services (inclusive of Website access), you are agreeing to be bound by these stated Terms, as though these Terms were signed by you in form of confirmation in ink on a hard-copy agreement. Additionally, we may request your confirmation to agreeing by these Terms, including taking specified actions, such as clicking a button labelled “I Agree” or “Buy Now” or using our Services. Any and all personally-identifiable information regarding and about you or any other is subject to being stored on or through the Services (“Personal Data”). So long as you are a Client/Customer, BiznCorp hereby grants you full permission to use the software (“Software”) including the Website, as part of the Services. Your rights to use the Software is revocable by BiznCorp, and it is not sublicensable. Furthermore, the Software must be used for sole personal uses by you.

All and any information available to the User/Visitor or Client provided by/in our Website or via (any) other means of transmission and communication from BiznCorp is not in any way legal advice, but simply general information. The content we provide and the Website contains including information contained in (any) other transmission/communication from BiznCorp is subject to these Terms.

BiznCorp reserves all rights to change/alter, make amendments, or update these Terms at any time. Changes or updates/alterations of these Terms will appear on the Website and/or be communicated through to Client and are affective immediately. Usage of the Website or receipt of Services after any such changes constitutes your consent to such possible changes/alterations/amendments and updates.


BiznCorp, at its sole discretion, refuse or cancel (any) existing Services to (any) person or entity for any reason, inclusive of misuse and/or misconduct of BiznCorp promotions. Per example, if BiznCorp offered or provided a promotion (example: a promotion on state incorporation), the promotion may only be used by the Client only once. Attempt of using such a promotion more than once by the same Client counts as misuse/misconduct of BiznCorp promotions. In such case, BiznCorp reserves all rights to refusing service(s) or cancel any and all orders in which a Client misuses a BiznCorp promotion by attempting at using a BiznCorp promotion more than once. BiznCorp is not to be held responsible for damage or loss of any kind resultant of BiznCorp’s refusal/cancellation of Services for any reason(s).

BiznCorp may terminate these Terms for any reason(s) or no reason(s), at any given time, with and without prior notice. Any termination implemented by BiznCorp shall be effective immediately or as specified in our notice (if posted).

We also hold the right to suspend, restrict, block and withdraw the access of any Customer/Visitor who abuses, misuses or misconducts our Services. Misuse and misconduct includes, among other things, infringement of intellectual property rights, usage of functionality/features or capabilities o the Services provided by BiznCorp to generate/support or transmit any form of spam, engagement in (any) behavior or activity that we specified/requested the Client/Visitor not to do, or any other behaviors that we, in our sole discretion, deem contrary to the mission/vision and purpose of BiznCorp and the Services provided/offered.

Upon termination of any Services, you are subject to losing access to some or all of the Services. BiznCorp my block your access to the Services from an Internet Protocol (“IP”) address or range of IP addresses associated to those of terminated Clients. Upon termination, all licenses and other rights granted to Client by BiznCorp in these Terms will immediately cease, but any licenses you have granted to BiznCorp will survive termination regardless of reasoning for termination.

Additionally, any fees invoiced to Client, prior to termination that remain unpaid will continue being due in accordance to these Terms, and no refund is to be provided for previously made payments.

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