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What Is An Articles Of Dissolution?

Dissolving an LLC can come into action for a number of reasons that can vary on a vast scale of severity and necessity. Dissolution of a company can simply also be a decision you made because you want to explore a new avenue in life and have accomplished the goals you wanted you achieve within your LLC. Dissolution also puts a stop on tax filings and other requirements associated to the fundaments of running a business. Bizncorp will gladly handle the paperwork that needs to be sorted through before you can open doors of newer endeavors.

  • How to Dissolve Company?
  • How Important is it to File Articles of Dissolution?
  • What are the Steps in Filing for Dissolution?

How to Dissolve Company?

At the beginning of starting an LLC or Corporation, the company begins with Articles of Incorporation. Similarly, moving towards finishing or dissolving a company, Articles of Dissolution need to be filled and filed.

How Important is it to File Articles of Dissolution?

Filing Article of Dissolution when closing down an LLC or Corporation is essential to ensure that the owner is not liable for taxes and other state requirements.

What are the Steps in Filing for Dissolution?

  • You will need to firstly hold a meeting with the Board of Directors to identify a vote for dissolution was achieved (as outlined in your LLC incorporation papers). If your company has shareholders, you will want a written documentation of the decision on dissolution.
  • Next, you’ll be required to have the paperwork for dissolution filled and signed by the Registered Agent of your LLC or Corporation. Bizncorp can gladly do the paperwork for filing for dissolution for you! Once the paperwork has been filed, you will receive a Certificate of Dissolution which verifies the termination of business activity. All other branches of the Corporation will also be dissolved automatically.
  • For your final step you will need to notify the IRS to provide you with the ‘consent to dissolution’ or also referred to as ‘tax clearance.’ Whilst Bizncorp will help guide you through the process and file all important things for you, it will be your job to notify the IRS and pay all the federal/state taxes due at the time.
  • All accounts under the LLC name should be closed, alongside cancelling the fictious names or your company in any and all states.

Help File Article of Dissolution

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The business must be in good standing with its state of formation and cannot be behind on its yearly reporting or franchise tax obligations. If the organization is not in good standing, reinstatement would be necessary before the dissolution could be completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What can prohibit me from filing for dissolution?

    If the company owes an outstanding taxes or has outstanding Annual Report, it can prohibit owners from filing a Dissolution. Bringing the company to a state of Good Standing will allow you to proceed with filing for Dissolution.

  • Approximately how long does it take to file Dissolution Article?
  • How much will it cost me to file for dissolution?

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