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What is an article of Amendment ?

When beginning LLC or Corporation, you file article of Incorporation and the information in those documents contained important details regarding the best structure suiting your business, the name, your registered agent name etc. When your business evolves and grows in its journey, you might come across major changes which require a development or change in the information about your business. It could be a change in management, the services you provide and more. For that, article of Amendments are filed to verify the changes and adjustments that need to be made.

  • What Information Do I Need To File Article of Amendment?
  • How Will I Submit My article of Amendment?

What Information Do I Need To File Article of Amendment?

Here is the list of basic information required when filing article of amendment:

  • Current Entity Name
  • Text of New Amendments You are Adopting/Implementing
  • New Entity Name (if applicable)
  • Dates for When Each Amendment was Adopted/Implemented

How Will I Submit My Article of Amendment?

All files needed in Article of Amendments are to be sent to your secretary of state via mail or in person delivery. Bizncorp can take care of filing all your article and ensure they are received timely.

What Happens After Filing Article of Amendment?

Once your Article of Amendment has been successfully and completely filed, the governing state agency will send back a copy of those files. If you are using Bizncorp services to have your Article of Amendment filed, the governing state agency will be sending a copy of the files to us, and we will then be forwarding the document copy to you.

What Uses Does An EIN Have?

Employer Identification Numbers have varied uses including, tax forms, filing and filling tax returns, managing payroll for employees. EINs are also a necessity in setting up bank accounts and applying for business loans.

How Can I Apply For An EIN?

Bizncorp offers services in helping you apply for an EIN and dealing with all the heavy paperwork for you! Feel free to reach out to us to guide you on acquiring an EIN for your business and let you continue with a smooth running business.

Artical of Amendment

Articles of Amendment are frequently submitted to update the following details:
  • For LLCs, the appointment or removal of a director, officer, or member
  • To update the Corporation's or LLC's mailing address
  • To modify the total number of shares that a Corporations is permitted to issue
  • To change the specified business operations carried out by the Corporations or LLC

Article of Amendment


Plus State Filing Fees

Frequently Asked Questions
about Article of Amendment

  • How can I submit my Article of Amendment documents?

    To file your Article of Amendment need to be either mailed, or hand-delivered to your secretary of state, to their office. Depending on your state, there may be an online form available. Having a hard-copy of the files is preferred as the online forms are considered expedited, but don’t worry, Bizncorp can deal with filing the documents for you!

  • What’s the cost of filing Article of Amendment?
  • What will I receive once the documents are filed?

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